The structure of AMTT Group includes the Central plant laboratory.
The mechanical testing laboratory in the aluminium profile extrusion workshop consistently controls ultimate tensile strength, tensile yield strength and relative elongation of aluminium profiles using MV-30 tensile machine, in accordance with DSTU B V.2.6-3-95 (GOST 22233-93) “Extruded sections of aluminium alloys for enclosure building structures. General specifications”. In addition, mechanical tests of the welded angles of the PVC profile are carried out in accordance with DSTU B V.2.6-15: 2011 “Windows and doors made of polyvinylchlorides. General specifications”.
Besides, the metallography laboratory in the aluminium profile extrusion workshop carries out incoming inspection of ingots for compliance with GOST 23855 “Cylindrical ingots of aluminium alloy AD31. Specifications”, as well as internal inspection of the control samples that represent results of nitrogen hardening of the dies.

laboratory departments: powder painting workshop, mechanical testing, metallography, insulating glass units production workshop.

The laboratory of the insulating glass units workshop performs tests in accordance with DSTU B EN 1279 “Glass in building — Insulating glass units”.
The powder painting workshop laboratory is equipped as required by DSTU EN 12206-1:2015 “Paints and varnishes — Coating of aluminium and aluminium alloys for architectural purposes — Part 1: Coatings prepared from coating powder” in force in Ukraine, as well as Qualicoat international quality system, namely for determining compliance by:

  • Appearance test
  • Coating thickness test (ISO 2360)
  • Dry and wet adhesion test (ISO 2409)
  • Hardness test (ISO 2815)
  • Tensile test (ISO 1520)
  • Bending test (ISO 1519)
  • Impact test (ISO 6272 | ASTM D 2794)
  • Polymerization tests.
  • Testing the etching degree and chromate conversion coating (ISO 3892)
  • Parameters in baths for chemical pretreatment of aluminium.
  • Demineralized water quality
  • Measuring of drying and polymerization temperatures
  • Determination of waste water quality


  • CURVE X3 oven temperature data logger.
  • Elcometer 415 coating thickness gauge. Calibration certificate No. UA/23/161125/001735
  • Erichsen stamp for ductility test. Certificate of calibration No. 11-1787-16.
  • Buchholz hardness tester
  • Coating impact tester. Certificate of calibration No. 11-1946-16.
  • Device for bending test. Certificate of calibration No. 11-1788-16.
  • SP-30 drying cabinet for the Machu test (accelerated corrosion test), as well as control tests of powder paint polymerization.
  • Radwag AS220.R2 analytical balances for weighing plates when determining the degree of etching and chromatizing, as well as for weighing chemicals when preparing solutions. Certificate of calibration No. 35-02/8641.
  • Oven with RIVA-02 magnetic stirrer for wet adhesion testing and preparation of solutions.
  • pH meter of pH-150MI type for monitoring pH in the process baths and wastewater. Certificate of calibration No. 36-1/1474.
  • KP-150MI portable conductivity meter for measuring the conductivity in the rinsing baths. Certificate of calibration No. 08/1991K.